Tape never left, it just took a vacation

We’ve been hard at work getting our Otari MTR-90 2-inch and Studer B-80 1/2 inch tape machines back into service. The Studio is one of the only studios in the area capable of recording to tape. Our machines are top-notch and we are so excited to dive back into recording to tape on a more regular basis. This recording method provides a warmth in sound that cannot be matched by other formats. We have a bluegrass band coming in to record to tape in the coming weeks, and their project will be tracked to the Otari 2-inch machine and mixed to the Studer 1/2 inch machine.

Now is a great time to come in and record with us! If you’ve been dreaming up a great project or considering recording to tape, give us a call at 862-0600 or email us at thestudiospringfield@gmail.com. We would love to work with you and help bring your dreams to reality.