Birthday Sale FEB 1-28 2017

Now through the end of February 2017 you can help us celebrate our birthdays by purchasing 3 or more hours at $33 an hour. That’s right only $33 an hour for recording and mixing time when you purchase 3 or more hours. Give us a call at 417-862-0600 or send us an email at

One Year Anniversary!

After the sudden passing of Lou Whitney on September 7, 2014 Kay Toliver Whitney kept the studio open run by Eric Schuchmann. On July 1, 2015 Eric purchased Lou’s equipment from Kay and leased the Studio space. As of July 1, 2016 We have officially been open for one year! We have been keeping on just like Lou wanted by making great music. We’d like to thank our clients over the last year:

Casey Lynne Barr, Heartpunch, Laura French, Jeff Thompson, Larry Perkins, Big Damn Heroes, Seth Truett, Wings of Swing Big Band, Steve Newman, Lark & The Loon, Tony Love, Kristi Stremel, Donnie Snow, The Magic Johnson, The Rugs, Tyler Nelson, Eli Davidson, Clawhammer, Brian Capps, Chris Whitcomb, Nate Sallie, Republic High School, Bob Jones.

Help us celebrate this month by booking a session and keeping Lou’s dream alive.

Tape never left, it just took a vacation

We’ve been hard at work getting our Otari MTR-90 2-inch and Studer B-80 1/2 inch tape machines back into service. The Studio is one of the only studios in the area capable of recording to tape. Our machines are top-notch and we are so excited to dive back into recording to tape on a more regular basis. This recording method provides a warmth in sound that cannot be matched by other formats. We have a bluegrass band coming in to record to tape in the coming weeks, and their project will be tracked to the Otari 2-inch machine and mixed to the Studer 1/2 inch machine.

Now is a great time to come in and record with us! If you’ve been dreaming up a great project or considering recording to tape, give us a call at 862-0600 or email us at We would love to work with you and help bring your dreams to reality.