Tape Op Magazine

Lou Whitney is featured in this months  issue of Tape Op Magazine.  The article was written by our great friend Vance Powell. You can read the article online or in print copy.



Recording Contest at Hoover Music Compnay

Our friends Hoover Music Company have turned 100 years old this year. To celebrate they have many sales and contests going on. One contest is a recoding contest on Youtube. The winner gets 4 hours of recording time with us. So go check out the details and enter to win!

Mastering an album and backing up projects…

We haven’t updated in a while but between the holidays and sessions it’s been hard to find time.

Anyways we’re mastering Richard Bruton’s new album today and backing up our recent sessions for archival.

Enjoy and snow and stay warm.

Turn some tubes on and warm this place up…

This week we are working on mixing HeartPuch’s debut album. We’re moving pretty quickly this week, which is probably more out of necessity than skill. You see it’s down right frigid here in Springfield with highs in the low 30′s and low’s in the 10′s to 20′s.

We recently finished up a great album for Jason Sain and The Foolhearted. Jason once fronted “So Far Gone” another group we had the pleasure to record a few years back.

Both albums will be out soon, be sure to check both groups out live.


This week we have Yankton Sothern of Heart Punch in doing guitar overdubs.  The album is coming along nicely, should be out in the next few months.

“workin on a machine”

We’re wrapping up the Speakeasy session today with Producer Pete Matthews.  Tomorrow we have Joey Skidmore in from Kansas City. Him and the band will be stopping in to cut a single.

Speakeasy in the studio

We have Speakesy in the studio this weekend with Memphis Engineer Pete Matthews. Their using the 16 Track head on our Otari MTR90.


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